This was a nice little job.

Commissioned and completed in May 2016 this prestige 68-page magazine was published to celebrate the first and tenth anniversaries of technology websites Alphr and ITPro. The magazine was handed out to 100 tech innovators during London Technology Week, hence the title: 01.10.100

The magazine was split into two 32-page sections, and reprinted articles and reviews from both Alphr and ITPro. The magazine’s content was inverted halfway through the issue so it read as two separate, yet linked titles.

I created the templates for both parts of 01.10.100 and then designed the Alphr half, subtly incorporating design elements from the website while simultaneously giving the magazine it’s own identity. I also designed both covers.

Below are both covers from 01.10.100, as well as samples of the signed-off pages from the Alphr segment.